Amazon Devices, Shield and Android Devices

Step 1 ق│ô Enable apps from ق│œUnknown Sourcesق│
-From your Amazon Fire Stick home screen go to ق│œSettingsق│ and then to ق│œMy Fire TVق│.
-Go to ق│œDeveloper Optionsق│.
ق│ôEnable Apps from Unknown Sources. Click Yes on the warning.

Step 2 ق│ô install the ق│œDownloader Appق│ on amazon fire tv stick or box
-Go back to Amazon TV home screen and scroll to the ق│œSearch Magnifier Glassق│  (top menu left side next to the Home option).
ق│ôType in ق│œDownloaderق│ in the keyboard which shows up, or click the microphone button and say ق│œDownloaderق│
-Once you have typed in ق│œDownloaderق│ scroll down, make sure Downloader word is highlighted and press the Select button (center circle) on the remote.
-On the next screen, select Orange Icon ق│œDownloaderق│ and install the ق│œDownloader Appق│.





Step 3 ق│ô How to download the Universal TV app
-After you open the ق│œDownloader appق│, highlight the text box and click on it, then type the link below:
ق│ô Click the Link for Fire Stick and Fire TV



Step 4 ق│ô Click download, then install
-After you download the Fire Stick / Fire TV APK file, install it by clicking ق│œInstallق│ in the lower right corner.
-After itق│└s installed, ق│œclick Openق│
-Once you open it, type your username and password that was given during the sign-up process
NOTE: Your username and password to log into the website is different from the one you will use for the TV App. If you donق│└t know your TV app user name and password, go back to the site you signed up at, and once you login, click on the service package you ordered, then click on ق│œService Detailsق│ your username and password for the TV app will be there.

Remember if you are having issues, please contact support by creating a ticket when you log into the website.

*Also works for other iOS device iPhone/iPad
1. Download GSE Pro IPTV from the App Store
2. Click on the upper left menu button to open the settings
3.Select Remote Playlists
4.Tap the ق│œ+ق│ symbol
5.Select ق│œAdd M3U URLق│
6.Name the playlist UniversalsStore
7.For the playlist link type in the following URL, replacing the Username and Password with your own:
Replace ق│œYOUR USERNAMEق│ and ق│œYOUR PASSWORDق│ with your actual username and password
8.Choose ق│œAddق│
9.Go to Main Menu
10.Tap EPG (XMLTV Format) and choose EPG Program Guide
11.Tap the ق│œ+ق│ symbol
12.Add Remote EPG Source
13.In the EPG name field call it UniversalsStore
14.EPG Source Link is

15.Click Add
To watch Live TV you can use the Remote Playlist or use the EPG.

Android APK Download Select the link for Android Devices

How to add MAC address to your account?
ق│╜Login in computer web browser
ق│╜Click your account name on top right corner of the screen,Click My Account
ق│╜Scroll to bottom, see Preference Mag subscriptions, add your Mac addres in the blank area and Save.
Then add below portal URL in your device
STB/Mag Portal URL:
It generally takes up to 30mins to work, please wait with patience.
****Mag254/256/322..and Buzztv do not support EPG/MatchCenter/TV Catchup, Box like Formula Z7 and Dreamlink does
Formuler and Dreamlink
1. Go into MyTVOnline/DreamOnline2. Press the menu button
3. Go to Portals
4. Clcik ق│œNew Portal Nicknameق│
5. Type ق│œUniversalsق│. For portal url,
and click connect.
to make EPG work properly,Also in settings go to EPG MODE and set to UTC.
MAG box( 250/254/256/322..)
1. Go into setting
2. Click Servers
3. Click portals and under portal name add ق│œUniversalsق│ and Portal URL
Buzz TV

Go into Settings
Click on Server
Under any server number 1, 2, 3 doesnق│└t matter add server name ق│œUniversalsق│ and Server URL:

Linked the Mac Address  to your account (Refer to the first Tab:ADD Mac Address)

as portal URL,
Enable ajax support and disable accelerated rendering
Disable accelerated rendering:
settings, common app settings, accelerated rendering
Enable AJAX support
settings, profiles, advanced settings, fix AJAX support

Solution A:Smart-STB
Download the Smart-STB app onto your TV (LG or Samsung)
Start the app. When it say ق│œpress enterق│┼ق│ press your OK button on your remote to get into theSmart-STB option menus.
In the settings menu you should find the option that gives you your MAC Address and your Virtual MAC Address. Write both of this down.
Go the website and either register for the trial or purchase a license
Input the MAC Address from #3 (not the Virtual MAC address), and fill the site portal
Wait until you get a confirmation that you are setup on Smart-STB
Go back into the option/settings menu and make sure the Virtual MAC address has not changed. If so, write down the new one.
Login to the web player at, click Preferences, scroll to the bottom, and add the MAC address to your profile.
Wait for confirmation and once you have restart your TV/App
If you switch from the Smart-STB trial service to a fully license version you will given a new Virtual MAC Address.

Solution B:Smart-iptv
App can be found on the supported TVApp Store. A one time activation fee will be required when using app, however, you can try it for seven days. We have nothing to do with this fee.
1 ق│ô Go to
2 ق│ô Enter your MAC Address from App under Add external playlist links (URL), with auto update
3 ق│ô Enter M3u URL (make sure change yourusername and yourpassword as your credential)
M3U Playlist
EPG List
Playlist with VOD added at end
VOD only Playlist PASSWORD
4 ق│ô Click Add link
5 ق│ô Go back to App and Reload
6 ق│ô Channels should be loaded and your done and using our IPTV services

Perfect Player is an IPTV player that can play VOD, Live TV, and even supports EPG. If you for some reason cannot run the Universal Tv app on your device, try out Perfect Player. The links below are supposed to be entered into the Perfect Player application to grab your streams. Any Android device can run this application, as well as any PC.
For Fire TV Users : Download Perfect Player from the Amazon App Store and fill in the links below.
Perfect Player for Windows: Click here to download
Installation :
1. Install Perfect Player from the Google Play Store onto your box
(optional: Install the Perfect Player Remote onto your phone or tablet to control perfect player)
2. Open Perfect Player on your box, click the gear icon to open settings, click on general
3. Click where it says Playlist and add the following lines into the URL section:
M3U Playlist(Live TV only)

EPG List
Playlist with VOD added at end(Live TV and VOD)
VOD only Playlist PASSWORD
Replace ق│œYOURUSERNAMEق│ and ق│œYOURPASSWORDق│ with your actual user name and password

RE-built easy to use version,  only need login, Full version(Live&VOD),APK File

Download link 1
Download link 2

EPG List
Playlist with VOD added at end
<!ق│ôق│ô VOD only Playlist PASSWORD PLAYLIST WITH CATEGORIES FILTERED OUT,Afghani,Bangla,Filipino,Gujrati,India,Korea,Malayalam,Marathi,Pakistan,Punjabi,Scandinavia,Tamil,Telugu,Thai PLAYLIST WITH MATCHCENTER FILTERED OUT ق│ô>

If you are using Kodi, please download the addon below.

How To Install the Universal TV KODI Repo and Universal KODI App
Click Here

Universal Sports Addon for Kodi

Once addon installed, please use the credentials were provided on your welcome email.
Click Here to Download

Quick Video Guide

1. install VLC player, it is free application, just download online and install it
2. Get M3U playlist file
change the link below, replace AAAAAA and BBBBBB with your username and password respectively,
then copy to browser to download the playlist file
***change AAAAAA to your vader streams username and BBBBBB to your vader streams password(find it above)
3. download the playlist file (suggest using Firefox browser to download)
4. open the downloaded file with VLC application
5. Check if it is working, if working, just move the m3u file to media library (the second line)


Universal Tv on web browser (Multi screen facility)
Universal Tv Apk for Android boxes(Android OS 5.0+)
Universal Tv repo for KODI
Universal streams
MAG/STB/STB Emulator
Portal URL:
Portal 2: (only for Dreamlink,Formuler, with EPG,VOD, Need change EPG MODE to UTC in setttings)
Test your internet speed:
Check your public IP address:

Universals Setting Video tutorials sum up
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GSE ق│ô
GSE M3u ق│ô
Perfect Player ق│ô
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STB Emulator ق│ô
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